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November 25, 2009, 12:57 am
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Okay all of my loyal Sacr’s….  Here it is!!!  Black Friday is almost here and believe me,  you do not want to miss out this one !!! As you see above, all of our Phurry packages are gonna be %50 off this Friday!!!  That’s right !!! That means that you can get a Black Croc Supersac package valued out at $800 for $399!!! You can also get a Black Croc Citysac package valued at OVER $400 for only $199 !!!! NO JOKE !!! You have read this right !!!  Okay NOW……  get ready for this….  We are also putting together something extra special for Black Friday.  We are going to be having what we like to call a “count down sale”………….

We will be offering… now get ready for this…75% OFF the FIRST item for the FIRST PERSON/FAMILY to arrive here at the store and purchase!  The second item they purchase, they will recieve 74% OFF! The third item they purchase will be at 73% off!  Get the idea? Now, there is a limit of only 5 items per person/family with countdown discounts. After that, they will receive %10 off anything else they would like to purchase! (Regular priced items only of course.) This means that the next person/family to come in, will start receiving discounts at whatever percentage the previous person/family stopped purchsing at.  So, if they stoppped at 72%off,  the person/family will start to recieve the awsome discounts at 71% !!!  I know, I know… Crazy deals huh!?!?  So, make sure you eat plenty of turkey and get some rest, because  you are gonna want to be here first thing to get these spectacular deals!!! Layton Hills Mall opens up on Black Friday at 6:00 am So, set your alarms early and let your friends know… because Lovesac is bound to make everyone’s lives this Holiday Season… a lot more comfortable !!! See ya Friday morning!!!


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