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LoveSac for all your Media Room Furniture needs.
February 26, 2010, 12:44 am
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Lonely Media Center Waiting to be paired up with some amazing Media Room Furniture!!!

Just complete your new media room?  Finally finish your basement? Have old run-down, beat-up furniture or sectionals taking up all of your space and  just not hacking it anymore?  Well, LoveSac is your answer for all 3 of these situations/questions.  Not only is LoveSac the originators of “Oversized Sacs”, we are also the inventors of “Sactionals”…the completely modular, completely machine washable, and gauranteed for life custom furniture that is all the buzz today when it comes to Media Room Furniture.

Taupe Movie Lounger

Check it out!!! Here you have a “Movie Lounger” in our super plush “Taupe Rhinosuede” (Again completely machine washable.) Would ya like something bigger?  No problem!!! Add two more bases and two more sides

Taupe Base

Taupe Side

and you can have a seriously stunning party lounger and will be the envy of all your neighbors!!!  Not the biggest fan of “Taupe”?  No worries!!! We have HUNDREDS  of colors and fabric you can choose from to make your very own custom media room furniture!!!  You see, here at LoveSac, we are not just your everyday, run-of-the-mill, furniture store.  We have taken leaps and bounds above stale sectionals and lame old boring furniture and have made  something truly incredible that you can only find at our LoveSac stores!  We are  THE furniture store when it comes to fresh, new,  Media Room Furniture!  Come in and get yours before someone else does!  Check out this cool video about your new Media Room Furniture that you could have in your Media Room tonight!!!


LoveSac…. and then some!
February 16, 2010, 5:28 pm
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So we all know by now that LoveSac is the ultimate in living room furniture and most definitely the most comfortable and most versatile furniture out there!!! But, did you know that you can now decorate your “Man Cave” or game room or wherever you like with our very unique and eye catching posters that we have had in our stores ?!?!?  Well… you can !!! Are you a big LoveSac fan?  Of course you are !!! Or you probably wouldn’t be reading this anyways!!! Well check it out… Click this poster icon just below and get the party started!