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April 5, 2010, 6:45 pm
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So everyone knows by now that LoveSac is the most incredible Media Room/Living Room/Any Room Furniture Company  to ever hit the scene!  With our first introduction of Sactionals, years back,  Peoples perception of furniture has never be the same.  Well…we have done it again!!!  As many of you know, our Sactionals have the most incredible patent on them.  This being said, we are able to make them bigger or smaller, whenever….however!!!  So check it out… Now introducing our “5 Series Sactionals!!!

That’s right!!! All 5 Series Sactionals come with either our Black Velvish or Chocolate Velvish covers already on them!!!  How much easier can this be?… just unbox, unwrap, then of course …unwind!!!  The time has come to relax in style, comfort and ease with our new 5 Series Sactionals.  If you love our 6 Series Sactionals, which I know most of you do, I’m sure you’ll love our 5 Series.  Just a tad bit smaller so they’ll fit where our 6 Series sometimes won’t and they come with covers for quite a bit less!!! This is a no brainer!!! Get on in to your local LoveSac and and check out these 5 Series Sactionals!!!  Right now, to get you started, we’ve come up with some awesome starter packages that will help you get just the Sactional setup and comfort level you are looking for!!!


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If I could fit in these things I would love them!!! My wife is getting them for our room so she doesnt have to sit by me!

Comment by Kevin James

Thanks Kevin! Have your wife come talk to us and we can help find the perfect setup for your wife and you. Because Sactionals are completely modular, I’m sure we can find a setup that would be just right and that you could fit in to! =) Hope to see you soon!

Comment by lovesaclayton

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